The prophets have spoken and the world slumbers on, and with it the majority of the Christian Church which has been taken hostage by the scoffers’ philosophy that “all things continue as they have since the fathers died. Where is the promise of his coming?” We have become willingly ignorant that just as the Almighty shook the earth in the days of Noah, He will shake it again; but not just the earth – this next time He will shake the heavens as well. The Day – the Millennium of the LORD is at hand!

The Mystery of Iniquity exposes and extinguishes the strong delusion that has become a false hope of the modern Church – the snare that has been set by Satan through many years of working behind the scenes. What began as gentle misleading has, through the years, taken a winding path to the valley of full deception. The Mystery of Iniquity is the warning of Yahshua (Jesus), Shaul (Paul), and Yochannan (John) concerning the absolute prerequisites to the return of the Messiah to gather the saints at the end of the age. That warning is not futuristic prophesy as it was in their day, but reiterated in the context of the accomplished deception of the Church in our modern times.

The Mystery of Iniquity is a final warning to America and the world as to what is impending and cannot be avoided, regardless of our personal desires or plans for the future. The book documents the legal ramifications of Satan’s original rebellion, his authority as god of this age, his rebellious stand on earth with the Antichrist, and his final judgment at the throne of the Messiah. This is how the long war against GOD will play out in our lifetime.

The Mystery of Iniquity exposes the key event that will begin the last seven-year countdown to Armageddon and the physical act that will reveal the Anti-Messiah and constitute the final Abomination of Desolation prophesied by both Daniel and Yahshua.